Why you must insist on a mobile-friendly website

Back in the day, all you needed for a website was to be displayed well on your computer. 5 years ago, smartphones were still very expensive and not easy to use. Mobile internet was expensive and slow. Not any more.

Today, most users browse the internet from their smartphones. So chances are they will visit your website from their smartphones rather than from their desktop computers or laptops.

For a website like Dignited.com¬†which we manage, over 60% of the traffic comes from mobile. It means we can’t take mobile lightly and so shouldn’t you.

dignited.com mobile site

When looking for an agency to design for you a website, you must ask them if their website designs are mobile-friendly or mobile-optimized. What you’re demanding for is that your website renders or displays well on both desktop computers and mobile devices. It takes a bit more skill to achieve this and serious agency or developer will charge slightly higher. If your web design agency doesn’t incorporate this, then it’s time to look elsewhere.

At Hataricloud, given the trends, we don’t design websites that aren’t mobile-optimized. Our client websites are always optimized to display on users laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Image: digitaltrends