How to configure Hataricloud email to work with Gmail on your laptop or desktop

We know most of you are already used to Gmail on your desktop/laptops. Yes, Gmail is awesome for reading and replying emails.

Google has made it possible for you to read your corporate company emails from within Gmail itself. This has been made possible through the POP3 email standard which is a way for Gmail to pull emails from your Hataricloud hosted email account.

We shall show you to to setup Gmail to read and reply emails.

Receiving your Hataricloud-hosted email from Gmail

This is fairly simple. Gmail uses the POP3 email standard to retrieve email from our Hataricloud email server.

Step 1: Go to settings 


Step 2: Click on “Accounts and import” tab and add POP3 account

Click on the accounts and import tab and then “add pop3 mail account you own”.


Step 3: Add email account

Add your company email account such as in the next form and click Next step


Step 4: Email account settings

gmail pop settings

This is where you enter more detailed settings for your company email account. Here we specifiy your email account as well as the email server hostname and the port number.

Gmail pre-fills your email address from the previous step

Username: should be your company email address again such as

Password: should be your email password

POP Server: This is Hataricloud mail server which should be

Port: Select 995 from the dropdown

Make you check “Leave copy of retrieved messeage from server” and “always use secure connection” and click Add account.

Step 5: Wait for emails to sync

If all goes well, Gmail will show you “checking email”. Simply wait for emails to start syncing in your inbox.


Sending emails from your company email through Gmail

You can also use Gmail to send out emails. Gmail connects to the Hataricloud email server via SMTP, a standard used among email service providers to send out emails.

In this tutorial, we shall show you how to configure your Gmail to send emails from your company email account.

Step 1: Go to settings 


Step 2: Go to “accounts and import” tab and then “Send email as”

Click on add an email address you own


Step 3: Email your email address


Step 4: Enter email settings details 

This is where you enter your email details and the Hataricloud email server details.

SMTP server: Enter

Port: select 465 from the dropdown

Password: Enter your password

Select “Secured connection using SSL

Go ahead and add the account.


Step 5: Confirm verification 

Now you need to confirm verification. Gmail will send a code to your email address you are adding. So go to Hataricloud webmail found at, login to your email account and check your inbox for a verification email from Gmail.


Step 6: Enter the verification code to Gmail

Now come back to your Gmail wizard and enter the verification code to confirm your email account.


Step 7: Now start sending emails from your company email

If all goes well, Gmail should now have added your email address. Now you should be able to send out emails from your company email. Simply go to the email compose box and select your company email address from the dropdown in the “from” field.


Feature Image: Mashable