Setting up HatariCloud email on Windows 10’s built-in Mail App

The process of setting up HatariCloud Mail on the Windows 10 Mail app on your desktop is unbelievably simple and smooth. Indeed the techies at Microsoft deserve a round of applause for a job well-done.  The entire setup process from start to finish doesn’t take more than a minute for anyone who knows what they are doing.

This is what you need to do:

Step 1:

Mail for Windows 10

Click the Start Button

Open ‘All Apps’ and scroll down until you find Mail. 

(Alternatively, type ‘Mail’ in the Windows Search box)

Step 2:

 Add account

Click Accounts to bring up the Manage Accounts tab on the right as shown

Select Add Account

Step 3: 

Choose Account

Scroll down on the popup window that appears

Select Advanced setup

(The Other Account option works as well but we will stick to advanced setup in this tutorial)

Step 4:

Internet email

Select Internet email to setup IMAP configurations.

Step 5:

Internet email account

Enter your Account name

Choose a name to go by on the email server

Type for Incoming mail server

Select IMAP4 as the account type

Input your HatariCloud email address

Step 6:

internet email account 1

Scroll down and type your Username and Password

Type in as Outgoing/SMTP server

The rest of the options should be left checked as shown.

Step 7:

account set up!

And you’re done! Congratulations!