How to setup Hataricloud email with Outlook Mobile App

You probably know the Outlook email client on your laptop or desktop computer. But Microsoft also has a mobile version of their popular email software available on Android and Windows phone.

If you’re a fun of Oulook, here’s how you can setup it so you can read and reply your Hataricloud hosted emails on the go.

step 1: Start the app


Step 2: Select IMAP


Step 3: Enter your account details 


Step4: Tap on “show advanced settings”

Tap on advanced settings to show more options. Make sure you enter the following fields;

Email address: your full email address such as

Display name: your full names

Description: Is option but can be work or company mail etc

IMAP incoming mail server

IMAP hostname: enter

IMAP username: enter your email address again such as

IMAP Password: your email password

SMTP Outgoing mail server

SMTP hostname: enter

SMTP username: enter your email address again such as

SMTP Password: your email password again

You MUST enter all those fields before you proceed.



Step 5: View your inbox

By now hopefully everything is fine and you should be able to see your emails



That’s it. Now you should be able to read and reply your emails from outlook mobile app you can download from here.